Creative holidays

Creativity is at the heart of being human. Unfortunately, everyday life often prevents us from living out the creative urge that lies at our core. Yet taking delight in work we have produced ourselves and enjoying the recognition of those around us are among the things that make life really worth living.


Many people would like to express themselves artistically but are not certain whether they have enough talent. One of the best ways to release your creative energies is to go on a creative holiday. The stimulating atmosphere of the new environment, being surrounded by fellow travellers with the same interests and goals and, not least, the skills taught by the course tutor help many budding students to achieve astounding artistic results.
The unique aspect of Brigitte Guhle's holiday courses is the emphasis they place on the representation of the human form. Drawing people is one of the greatest challenges in art. Portrait painting offers us a non-verbal way to connect with people and express our interest in them. It allows us to come closer to them and understand them - and the process is extraordinarily enriching for both the artist and model.
The special combination of nude and portrait classes in the mornings and landscape painting in the afternoon guarantee an unforgettable holiday experience.


The courses take place in the most beautiful areas of Germany, Denmark and Italy. Further destinations are planned.
The memories of these journeys of discovery linger for a long time. Looking at the drawings we have produced helps us to recall the places, people, light and scents of the surroundings and motivates us to continue our artistic endeavours.

All courses, workshops and creative holidays are accredited as training courses by the Hessian Ministry of Culture (Institute for Quality Development) and recognised as preparatory vocational training courses by the Schools Office of the Rheingau-Taunus district and the state capital Wiesbaden.