•  "The balance between artistic instruction and freedom as well as the opportunity to determine our own position within the group ensured a highly creative atmosphere. Not to mention the wonderful accommodation, catering and the truly magical surroundings...!"
    Hans-Peter Schmücker, Dieburg

  • "... Last but not least, it was Brigitte Guhle herself who made much of the development possible and also brought a serious note to proceedings when it was needed. This ensured that our art never became superficial in the relaxed holiday atmosphere. I feel that Brigitte gave me a view into the world of the professional artist."
    Sylvia Meneghini, Nuremberg

  • "As a beginner, I was thrilled to discover how a few professional tips allowed me to make a quantum leap forward. And after a week in Tuscany, I already had the feeling of being a "real artist". The atmosphere among the students was wonderful and our teacher made sure that we felt comfortable and well taken care of."
    Christian Knecht, St. Gallen

  • "What a magnificent house, what a majestic park. The pleasant introduction set a positive tone and neither beginners nor experienced painters then had any difficulties or felt any embarrassment at painting nudes. Thanks to the unique Tuscan atmosphere, the light, the warmth and expert support - which never became too dominant - my drawings and paintings became more expressive by the day."
    Rolf Schöpfer, Zürich

  • "All in all: A terrific painting holiday during which I gathered a great deal of experience, had plenty of leisure time and met lots of people!"
    Melanie Gillhausen, Philippsburg

  • "The atmosphere was perfect and created the best conditions to leave behind the stress of everyday life and focus completely on painting. After one week, I felt that I had not only learned a very great deal but that I was also more refreshed than I had been for a long time."
    Beate Lang, Darmstadt

  • "Brigitte Guhle's friendly nature and low key approach brings out, nurtures, enriches and encourages the different abilities and artistic modes of expression of her students in a variety of techniques. The team spirit among the students was also remarkable and not to be taken for granted."
    Christiane Esposito and Elisabeth Broszeit, Hengersberg

  • "Entering this peaceful, colourful, calm and fun atmosphere immediately made us want to pick up my pencils and brushes. Through this relaxed workshop with the support of our teacher we have taken another step in our artistic development."
    Thomas Kohl und Karin Hopkins, Hanau