Painting and drawing for young people
Painting courses for young people take place in the parish house of the Thalkirche at Wiesbaden-Sonnenberg

Kreuzbergstraße 9
65183 Wiesbaden

For dates in please contact:

We paint on easels, on painting walls, on tables or on the floor. There are no boundaries in the studio. We use brushes and paints, chalks or pencils - and even smear paint with our fingers and hands.

We paint fairy tales, tell stories, feel colours. Why does paint smell the way it does?
What colour is the letter A? Do I feel pink or brown today?

But we also want to learn how to look accurately. Older children want to draw in three dimensions. How do we depict reality on paper? What is the effect of light on a glass? How do we make a ball appear so round that we feel we can touch it?


We work in small groups and individual courses can be arranged. The costs for one half day are € 30.00 incl. materials. The charge for holiday courses is € 125.00 for 5 afternoons or € 100 for 4 afternoons.

For further information, please contact me at or by telephone at +49 (0) 611-2056500. Simply leave your telephone number and I will call you back.