Press articles


  • "Brigitte Guhle expands the way we see by focusing on the essence. She breaks down boundaries with her sharp eye, sense of humour and compassion. Individually, in expression and technique, she is a mature artist and a virtuoso. Marion Schnitzler

  • “La pittrice Brigitte Guhle afferma anche di essere enormemente affascinata nell’approfondimento dei segreti umani. Essi sono naturalmente riconosciuti soltanto in parte ma possono schiudersi alla vista di un osservatore attento e profondo.”
    "The painter Brigitte Guhle admits to being fascinated by the depth of the human secret. Naturally, this "secret" can never be seen as a whole, but it can be deciphered in its parts by the gaze of an attentive and perceptive observer."
    Alfredo Bertollo

  • "Her message appears simple: 'See what is – not what you believe must be there.' Her teaching, though, is anything but simple. With personal, empathic encouragement, she trains her students to see the world through undistorted eyes. So it is not surprising that many leave with much more than a new awareness of their own artistic creativity." Ilona Bernardy